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We would just like to say that (by now) everyone has heard about Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole’s marriage problems, they are reportedly going to split within days and Cheryl is planning to announce their seperation in a matter of days, even delaying her trip back to the UK.

She has been working in LA, in and out of recording studios and having a group of friends around her who support and love her especially a certain Derek Hough who has been spotted with the ‘Girl’s Aloud’ singer everyday since she arrived in the U.S

We hope Cheryl does the right thing, everyone is behind her and she has a massive fan base who love her and support everything she does, we hope she can find a way to deal with her problems and all she needs to know is she has a big fan base and people she loves wishing her the best.


Enough said, we just hope Cheryl does what she hould have done around 2 years ago as she does deserve a lot better!

oh and some reports say she has ended their marriage by text message telling him to leave their home by the time she returns to the UK….

What’s your say in this whole Cheryl and Ashley frenzy??

Comments below….we would love to hear them!

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Cheryl Cole