1 year later….


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Hello everyone it’s the 3 girls from highstreetstyle…remember us!?

Well we are back and we promise to stick around this time, we have been soo busy with fashion week and being abroad too much working then being at home and being able to focus on our blog. Sad but true

It’s the red head girl now and we have changed this year, our hair is different not the colours though and our fashion has changed and gone chicer.

The brunnette still has long ish wavy hair, i have a short cut with layers but the red is still with me and the blonde has grown out her short bob and got a more choppy mid length cut!

so there you have our updates haha. we are loving big knit jumpers this year, leggings and ankle boots are a must! oversized bags and mini clutches are it too!

we also love how our friend layla has changed her makeup blog…shes changed it to http://www.laylasmakeup.blogspot.com its a truly cool blog and us 3 give it our seal of approval! one site to look at and as she says everything a girl loves on one page!!

we are also on twitter too so you can follow us there and we are following the gorgeous layla so make sure you follow her too.

Come to us 3 for fashion and her for the makeup!

Love you guys and we will be updating our next post shortly woooo!

The 3 girls at Highstreetstyle x0x0x0




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 I know we may seem a little random at times but us HighStreetStyle girls love going for a good old shop in different stores and around the UK.

Only this year has Topshop started to make us more intrigued with it’s colelction, dont get us wrong we like topshop in the past but it hasn’t done ‘it’ for us…..up until now!

We love their baggy jumpers, cardigans and tops you can get. team with a pair of leggings, skinny jeans and rocker boots and your good to go for the winter!! (add a few accesories too)


what do you think of topshop and their baggyness?? comments below we are looking forward to hearing from you!

HighStreetStyle xoxoxox

Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough…will they get together??


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 Hello again to our lovely readers!!

Well as you all kow Cheryl Cole has seperated from her hubby Ashley Cole and now we are just waiting to hear the words ‘divorced’.

Cheryl’s trip in LA did see her spend a lot of time with Derek Hough, he can be seen in her latest video ‘Parachute’. Yes we know a lot of people have reported that he stayed with her for a night with his dog and left her hotel room in the early hours of the morning but we don’t think our nations sweetheart would do anything or hook up with another man right now as a divorce is on the way.


What we would like to hear from our readers is…do you think that Cheryl will hook up with Derek in the future?? Do you think they make a sweet couple??


Comments below…lots of Love Highstreetstyle xxx

Cheryl Cole to split within days..or has she already done so!?!?


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We would just like to say that (by now) everyone has heard about Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole’s marriage problems, they are reportedly going to split within days and Cheryl is planning to announce their seperation in a matter of days, even delaying her trip back to the UK.

She has been working in LA, in and out of recording studios and having a group of friends around her who support and love her especially a certain Derek Hough who has been spotted with the ‘Girl’s Aloud’ singer everyday since she arrived in the U.S

We hope Cheryl does the right thing, everyone is behind her and she has a massive fan base who love her and support everything she does, we hope she can find a way to deal with her problems and all she needs to know is she has a big fan base and people she loves wishing her the best.


Enough said, we just hope Cheryl does what she hould have done around 2 years ago as she does deserve a lot better!

oh and some reports say she has ended their marriage by text message telling him to leave their home by the time she returns to the UK….

What’s your say in this whole Cheryl and Ashley frenzy??

Comments below….we would love to hear them!

HighStreetStyle xxxx


Cheryl Cole


JLS……We like!!!


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Well we just want to say that we are really loving JLS at the moment….on the x factor we liked them but always thought Alexandra had that little bit of an edge compared to JLS…….but since they have released their first single we have loved every song!!!!

We dont think they managed to show us exactly what they coud achieve on the X factor and think that now they are on their own and out there they are showing us jsut the begining of what the can achieve!!

Good on you boys…HighStreetStyle loves you..keep up the hard work!!

Anyone agree or disagree let us know below!!




Nail Trends 2010


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    Well this years nail colour trends have changed slightly but really nowadays anything goes!!

The new nail trend that we have started seeing much more of is a mushroomy colour and we have to say that we are not too keen on this…we much prefer our darks, dark blues (even though it may look like our fingers will drop off if we get the wrong shade), we like our dark reds, dark purples and our love goes to dark, velvet greens!!!

Yes you may say we are boring but oh well, as we said above anything goes!!

what trends are you loving right now and what are you hating?? Let us know below!

HighStreetStyle xx

HighStreetStyle is back!!


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 Hello guys well we are back!! we have had a few problems but now highstreetstyle is back and better than before!!!

Be patient with us, we need to get on the roll again but we will definatley be updating it as many times as we can…all the latest celeb gossip, celeb fashion, bargain looks all from your high street stores!!

Thank you for staying with us and we look forward to hearing all of your lovely comments soon!

HighStreetStyle xxx

Sorry for lack of updates!!


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Hey guys just a quick note to say sorry for the lack of updates…we have been trying to fix our internet and we are halfway there…our internet server has gone very weird and now we are (sort of) up and running again.
Keep checking to see our updates on our bargain buys, high street finds….a way to look fashionable even in the recession!!

Lots of love Highstreetstyle xxx

Cheryl Cole uses E45!!!


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Well after revealing that she uses SudoCrem Cheryl Cole has now revealed that she uses E45 to moisturise her skin and keep it hydrated!!

She was quoted as saying ‘I love E45, I put a load on, completley cover me face before I go to bed and it makes my skin smooth’

Well if its good enough for Mrs Cole its good enough for us…. Good on you Cheryl!!


R.I.P Michael Jackson



 We would just like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with Michael Jackson’s family, we have just watched his memorial which was truly touching!

He will live on forever through his music and his music videos, all his energy just pours from them.

We know that he is in a safe and happy place now and he will be missed truly, an icon and legend was taken from us too soon!!

All our love…we miss you MJ!

HighStreetStyle xxx